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Smoking & Suicide

if you smoke alot and die from lung cancer is that concidered suicide?

i think in the past no one really understood how dangerous cigarettes were. and those who suffered from that lack of knowledge are the elderly people of today suffering and dying from cancer related sicknesses brought on by cigarette smoking.

but today...the knowledge of how bad they are for you, and what they do to your body is made readily available for anyone who wants to know, by way of books, mags, internet, advertisings, etc. so to still pick up a cigarette and smoke knowing what it does to your body, does anyone here think it is concidered suicide?


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Re: Smoking & Suicide

This is a good one Xiao and very debatable.

Myself personally... i dont think its suicide.
No they dont do you any good at all. Yes we know that but some people actually smoke because they enjoy it. Yes, it smells, yes it discolours your teeth. It does what it does to your lungs etc etc etc. New people start smoking every day for all sorts of reasons but... and here is what everyone who reads this will say ( ill use actual personal experience )

My nan celebrated her 80th birthday only a couple of weeks ago. She is my last living grandparent and she has smoked since she was 13. -she is my dads mum-
Apart from slight deafness and repeating herself at intervals, she is ok.

My dad, her son. Never smoked. He and my mum divorced 17 years ago. My mum never smoked either and to this day hasnt. My dad then met a woman who smoked and so not suprisingly started himself. He was 39yrs old at that time.
In 2004 i lost him to cancer of the pancreas.
After being told he had 6-9 months to live, he survived for 18 months and passed away. We were devastated as you can imagine, but he smoked for 16yrs and died of cancer. Now he was a fit man and was sgt major in the Para's. He had been out a long while and apart from maybe having the drinkers stomach, he wasnt greatly overweight and was a strongly built man.

How do you see it... its not in the genes. Is it true that karma has a hand in it? After all, his mum is 80 and has smoked for 67 years and yet after 16, he died of cancer.

If it is the luck of the draw ( whether you are not helping it by smoking or not )how can it be suicide.

--sorry for writing half a book here--

Moved on. Thanks to Runboard Staff and all who know me.
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