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The Video Game Wars

Note- This is a game, If you don't like it please don't come on here and say that it is pointless!
Step 1- Select a Nation, The first thing you need to do is to pick a nation. Your nation can be anywhere in any video game, and place where the place is from. Example- Sand Island (Ace Combat 5)
Step 2- Pick a General, Next you need someone to command your troops. Again your general can be from any game just remember to put from which game it is from. Example- Blaze (Ace Combat 5)
Step 3- Roster Your Troops, Your troops can not exceed 10,000. This is how you should make your troops. 1,000 of 1 kind. Example- 1,000 fighter jets, 1,000 carriers, ext.
Remember the point of the game is to make your troops sound fierce, you will see why!
Ok now that you have everything set up it's time to play!
Game Rules- The point of the game is to invade other nations and capture them. You invade other nations by putting the name of your nation, your general, and your army rosters on a thread and then say "plan to invade" and then you put the other person's nation, general, and army rosters. Example------
Your Nation
Your General
Your Army Rosters
Enemy's Nations
Enemy's General
Enemy's Army Roster
When you invade the winning team will be determined by me, the army that sounds fiercer wins! When you win the enemy's general will be captured and he will make your army sound fiercer! If you attack and lose, then your general is killed and you have to pick a new one.(no one can pick a dead general). If you are defending and you lose you are completely destroyed and you have to wait a month before you can join again. If you are defending and you win, you take the enemy's general.
When you get new general's you have to add them to your already existing generals.
You can join alliances, which will make your armies stronger and you can retire whenever you want.
Your statistics do not have to be based on one game only.
Note- This game might have been seen on other websites. It is not the same one!!!!

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