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The Da Vinci Code

Greatest book i've EVER read, without any doubt. It is masterful writing, full of intellectual stimulation from start to finish. Mind boggling at times, but always unravelling every plot twist to perfection, the character Robert Langdon is my new hero, the perfect balance of wit, charm, humour and an immense intellect (well he is a Harvard professor after all!).

The book took me on an emotional journey, but at the same time gave me a new slant on religion, I’m not religious, never have been, but I’ve starting delving into the Roman Catholic religious history just from the facts (open to debate most of the time!) this book divulged to me.

Overall I have never read a book that I got so into, and I found it sad to finish, while at the same time I was thoroughly satisfied. It was simply stunning, and all this superlatives are justly deserved, I hope the film adaptation that is on the horizon is everything that it is billed to be.

I’m now getting into Robert Langdon’s preceding adventure, “Angels and Demons” which is very similar in plot-line and character portrayal as The Da Vinci Code, I’m very early on into it, but so far I’m of the impression this is a “ragged” version of the Code, however lets not go off topic and deflect from Dan Brown’s masterpiece. The Da Vinci Code is a must, even if you are religious, you will find the story telling nothing short of genius. I wholly recommend this book.


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