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Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2.
Next step in the battlefield series. This time its set in modern day.

It is an EA game ( emoticon) but is alot better than 90% of the other EA Games.

Infact Battlefield 2 is probably the most fun game i have played since Halo2 Live.

Online for Battelfield has ranked servers where, depending on your scores, you progress in the ranks of an army.

There are a bunch of 'types' of soilders you can be like: Special Ops, Support, Sniper, Medic, Assult and some more.

Battlefield is extreamly addicting. A single game can last anywhere from 10mins to an hour or more.

Depending on how many kills you get the average score someone finishes a game with is around 20 or so. For the better players its anywhere from 40 to 100. and if you when a game its x2 whatever you scored.

In order to get to your first rank you need 500pts. For some people that takes a long time...the next rank you need 500 more...and the rank after that i think you may need around 2000more points...if you get around 20 or so a game....that can take a long time.

I think i have clocked in around almost 30 hours of this game so far....i dont know when i got it but ive been doing about 3 hours a day or somting. I currently have about 3520 points and am about 1500pts away from my next rank. I think i get an average of 40 or so points a game...but ive scored 110, 85, 75 depending on what level. So up aginst most people, i am fairly good (what a suprise).

Anyways if you like FPS games (first person shooters) getting Battlefield 2 is a wise choice. Extreamly exciting...addicting and fun. And since i am better at this than I am at Halo2 Live....i feel i will be playing this alot this summer.

Get owns.

A+ in fun...but im not rating games.

(yea i copied that right out of my board...b ut i feel it was worht it for everyone to see)


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Re: Battlefield 2

sounds very kick azz.


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