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Guy in a bar...

theres a guy in a bar playing pool, he's playing with 3 other guys.....
he walks to the bar and says to the bartender hey i bet u a $1000 i can pee in a cup where the liqour is.
so the bartender thinks theres no way he can do that, there a $1000 dollars easy right?

so he says ok, puts the glass behind the bar and says when ever your ready. So the guys whips it out; and starts to pee. He pees everywhere on the bar, stools, the floor, on drinks, even on the bartender.
So then the bartender starts laughin and says u lost badly

the guy looks at him shaking his head he says ok give me a sec, he goes bak to the guys he was playing with talks to them and then goes and gives the bartender his money. he heads to the door and the bartender says wait, how can this not fase u, u just lost $1000 buks. so the guy turns to him and says well i just bet those 3 guys $1000 each that i could pee on your bar, pee on the floor, pee on you and you'd be happy about it! (pada pa da< thats suppost to be a drum noise)
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