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Enigma Avatars and Signatures

Attention Enigma Members,

The staff here at Enigma believe there should be an understanding set in regards to the size of singatures, so we have decided on a suitable maximum size. Large, bulky signatures disfigure the appearence and text of threads, and make it difficult to view and reply to. Here at Enigma we permit any size avatar (and do not bind the forum by only a set size of say 150 X 150). However some avatars are rather large, and some signatures even larger. There are those who also have multiple medium sized signatures that account for large ones.

Though a minor issue, we would like to place bounderies on signature and avatar size, so veiwing the forum may be as pleasent as possible, and user can still express themselves through graphixs. So heres the deal:

1. Avatars should not exceed dimensions of 200 X 200 pixels.

2. Signatures should be judged by how they effect a thread, and a large signature is easy to recognise. However to give an idea of a restriction, signatures should be well within the dimensions of a maximum 200 pixels in height and 600 pixels maximum in length. 600X 200 Maximum.

Please remain in cooperation by these new rules as they are in everyone's best interest. Failure to coorespond with these set dimensions may lead to a Misc restriction in size of avatars for the whole forum, and signatures to be blocked out. Though I doubt this will take place, providing all one has to do is be considerate.

Thank You,



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