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Discovery of the Month voting


Just in case you didn't know this is about a new competition called the DotM and this board is a candidate for the DotM for January 2007. Some questions came up so hopefully this will make things a little more clear...


sear wrote:
I would like to vote.
It's not in the least clear to me how to go about it.

Should I just check category #x, and then click "vote"?

Yes, if you are a member of the RunBoard Directory you can vote and that is how you do it emoticon. If you are not a member just make a post and you will be granted membership then you can vote.


sear wrote:
That makes no sense.
That's the ranking from the poll in January.

The poll results you are seeing are for the voting which will run until July 3, 2007. I think where you are getting confused is that while the voting is happening now the results will determine who wins the DotM (Discovery of the Month) for January, 2007 and I'll admit that can be confusing. The reason for the long delay is fairly simple though. The RunBoard Directory had a BotM (Board of the Month) competition in place and I kept waiting to see if it was going to restart this year before doing anything beyond a DotW (Discovery of the Week). So now it is June and I am playing catchup with DotM polls for each month of the year spaced two weeks apart which will let us catchup before the years end when I'll be hosting the grand finish and have a DotY (Discovery of the Year) poll (with prizes and big time bragging rights emoticon ).


sear wrote:
Can someone please sort this out, so we don't end up voting for the wrong candidate?

Good Luck,


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