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The Self Absorbed

January 25, 2007 at 0:40am

Why do i know so many self absorbed people! people who can only see the things that effect them! people who's only topic of conversation is themselves. When it rains they ask themselves "Why me?!". AAARRGH! To all the self absorbed people i know....this messege is for you. The world turns not for your sake alone. life will continue to flourish even after your absence. the sun will rise even if you choose not to! and when it rainds it's not a punishment to you from the heavens! remember that the people around you are just as important as you. That you will always reap what you try to plant something nice.

There are few people i know who are not so self absorbed, like my love thenabu! my mother who recently passed away. to these people i say you are cherished. more priceless than gold. worth more than your weight in diamonds. and to my mother, though you have departed from this world, know this. although the sun still rises, it lags in speed now. and though the world still turns it wobbles a little bit on it's axis. and though life still flourishes, it's petals are sometimes withered, and it's lost most of it's luster. for these are the people that,without them, life is just that much harder.

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Once Upon A Time.....

May 23, 2005 at 11:45pm

 Sometimes i think that is what was said when i was born.."Once upon a time", because to me my life is like one really long novel. it has it's many climaxes, and interesting characters. It has its story development, plots, everything that would make for good reading. It also has that air of fiction to it. So many things have happened in my life that could have only been written by an author, and approved by a snooty publisher. And so be it. I mean there's not much i can do to stop the story once it has begun. All i ask for is the wonderful ending. I'll take the sad beginnings, the horror scenes, the plot twists, the conspiracy, the tears, the laughs, the mysterious moments. I'll take it all as long as in the end i can get a "She lived happily ever after." Is that too much to ask for? Too much to hope for? I hope not, because that's all i got going for me now. humph, my life as a story, what a read it is. Hopefully it has a few hundread more pages to go, then off to a blockbusted movie adaptation. Keep your eye out for it, it's sure to keep you on the edge of your seats.

Much Love To Those That
Give Love.
Xiao Lynn

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