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Jun 17, 2010 at 10:52pm

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August 3, 2006 at 2:30pm

hmmm...coping a bit badly on this front. just dont feel comfortable with the situation. i know its my fault. but oh well. todays tablets mum put out, some of them were the old sertraline so the bigger dose, so i have double the dose already...been good and only taken two instead of the three. will tell mum when she comes home. but still...its all so easy if i went over the edge again. there is nothing to stop me not telling her about the doses and just saving every third tablet up. but i wont do that. i am determined to make a go of things this time. i dont want to be like this anymore. i want to be happy and normal. i just dont want to be this way anymore. had my hair cut today which was a little bit of a boost :) sister is annoying me a little bit as she wants to watch dvd's and i want to watch freeview channels, but we can only do that on one its a bit of a pain at the moment. but oh well. went to one stop and sent off the payment to get my dvd's of bad girls series one which is cool :) be good to have something to do. should really get on with some revision but have absolutely no desire or motivation for that. so just sat here rambling in this blog instead lol. ah well. x

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