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my Mommie passed away.

November 4, 2005 at 1:29am

My Mommie was buried Tuesday and I am at a loss as to what I can say here.......

she suffered with ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) and it was terrible for her....

how I loved her so............

so glad that shes with Jesus now!

she earned her wings October 29, 2005

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another trip to the emergency room 2 times in one week!

September 16, 2005 at 7:19pm

Last night, Mom was so bad that we had to carry her back to the hospital.

We were trying to make it to UAB, but it was 3 hours away, and her breathing was terrible so we stopped at another hospital 2 hours away.

the reason she wont go by ambulence is because of how they mishandled her last time.

she couldnt breathe at all. The oxygen tests, all the other tests say she is holding co2, and now she is having to use a Bi-Pap.

I didnt think she would make it thru last night.

She is back home, and resting. She is still having breathing problems.

The dr. says that theres no way her lungs are strong enough for her to have a trach right now. She said that she would never come off of the ventilator. And Moms living will says no ventilator.

Pray for her, please folks.

She cried only a bit last night. She was looking around at us, and just started crying. And she looked at me, and I know what she is thinking. Shes sad because shes going to miss out on so much here on Earth.

I told her that God was in control, and that Jesus took care of her. I said you know its going to be okay, right Mommie?

Then she calmed down a bit, and never took her eyes off me the whole time until she was stable.

Thru all of this, she was still praising the Lord. Hands raised as I sang to her.

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Messianic Strain of the OT

September 2, 2005 at 3:29am


The Old Testament was written to create an anticipation of and pave a way for, the Coming of Christ. It is the story of the Hebrew Nation, dealing largely with events and exigencies of its own times. But all through the story there runs unceasing expectancy and prevision fo the coming of ONE, who will rule and bless the whole world. This ONE long before HE arrived, came to be known as the MESSIAH.

The predictions and foregleams of His coming constitute the Messianic strain of the Old Testament. They form the Golden Thread extending through, and binding together, its many and diverse books, into ONE AMAZING UNITY.

Starting with vague hints, there soon begin to appear specific definite predictions, which, as the story sweeps onward, become more specific, more definite, and more abundant.

And as definite predictions multiply, accompanying symbols, pictures, types, and indirect foregleams, also increase.

So that by the time we come to the end of the Old Testament, the entire sotry of Christ has been prewritten and pre figured in language and symbol, which taken as a whole, can not refer to any other person in history.

In addition to predictions and types which are most evident, there may be many hidden Messianic imtimations which are not clearly visible ont he surface.

And some incidents or passages may have meaning or bearing on later developments came to pass.

However, we think it best not to overdo the amtter of types, except they are so explained in the scripture, or are so apparent as to be unmistakable.

Our purpose here is to give, in their own order, a breif outline of Old Testmanet passages which most plainly point forward to the coming of Christ........

more to come

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so much has happened!

September 2, 2005 at 1:41am

I dont even know where to begin.....but I know where it has ended. My brother & I had to remove Mommie from her home & move her in with Tim, and Lorie because my step dad physically abused her....and we contacted authorities.........they are handling it, and she is resting comfortably.

She is much happier.

My sil gave Mommie a bath & she was so dirty....he hadnt even been bathing her........Lord have MERCY!

Since she has been at Tims, she hasnt 'fallen' once.....amen, God is good....

If you are reading this, and you can.....please say a prayer for my Mommie

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another day has found me

August 30, 2005 at 8:32pm

I am so restless. And heartbroken. I miss my Mommie, but her hubby says that I can no longer go over there. I can not go into it here, but I will just say this is one of the hardest things for me to do right now.......nothing......I am in prayer that the Lord shows Bill the light of day, and I am trying to have an open heart & I know that he is hurting.....but we could all be STILL working together to make this last part of Mommies life easier.

I know that she misses me. I just about cry every time I think of her. About a million times today I started to go over there, but I can not. I know that this is the test and that in order for me to grow I have to let go & let the Lord lead the way.

I didnt realize how much time I have been spending with Mommie, but its been a lot, and even thru all of this wind & rain I long to be with her. To sit on her bed.......but a kleenex on my head & stickers on my face, just to see that smile, and to touch her small, frail hand again....

I know I am assured that even if we never meet again this side of Heaven that we will meet in Heaven.....I also know that the Lord means not to heal her on this side of Heaven. I have come to terms with that. And that was something that only the Grace of God allowed me to do.

Oft times I am reminded of only the good times with her. I can no longer remember all of the awful things she did/said to me, or I her. It is truly drown in the Sea of Forgetfulness. And that is wonderful.

I went 3 years of my life never seeing my Mommie, and it was really hard a lot of times, but nothing like this. I dont know if its because I know that the end is going to come for her someday & they say soon, or if Im just being selfish. Probably being selfish. But I have peace with that because she is after all my Mommie, and I will only ever have one.

When I look at my children & think that someday they may see me with ALS, I am so scared for them. Because I know that their little hearts would break because you see the 3 of us have always been inseperable. I promised myself when I had children that I would break the cycle of abuse that my parents did and instead try to be the best Mommie I could, and I tell you I struggled with that until I received Jesus in my heart.

WOW yes, Jesus talks to me, and He walks with me, and I know that since I have been fighting the fight & keeping the faith, that someday I will hear Him tell me, well done. And I can withstand anything just thinking about that, why? Because if the Lord brought you to something, He can bring you thru whatever it is.

My heart is so tender, and I use to never want it to be. There was a time I never cried (unless it was just for me) and now, the Lord has softened it up, and I know why....He is molding me into what creation He wants me to be.

I am not perfect, but I know that my Mommie can rest easy knowing that her baby girl (me) got right with God, and will join her in glory. amen, that is some kind of peace for Mothers, I baby girl was saved & Baptized & it was wonderful! I am awaiting my son, Mikey and my hubby Travis to make a committment. And I know that they will......because I have the faith. Jesus gave it to me.

Every single time I think about Mommie, I think of how she is suffering with ALS, and I wish that she didnt have to suffer like this, but I know that the Lord has a plan in all of this. Sometimes my little head tries to figure it out, but then I realize that its not my will, its HIS will. And HIS time.....

so, I love you Mommie, and I will definatley not be kept from you after death, no way no how. I will not be cussed out, talked terrible to, and talked terrible about there.......oh no........we will talk & fellowship for about a million one has ever seen the likes of us when we get to gabbing, have they, Mommie???

Oh how I love Jesus!

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